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Vets4Pets Health Plan Discount with Supercard

We all love our pets, canines, felines, and more. They entertain us as we watch them play, keep us fit when they need a walk, and provide love and companionship without question. However, much as we love our dogs, cats, and rabbits, ensuring their good health and providing veterinary care when they are sick can be an expensive and financial burden.

Once again, your Supercard Black membership is on-hand to help you save money and provide the healthcare essentials your pets need. Show My Card Offers are the simplest way to get an instant discount. If you show your physical or digital members card in any Vets4Pets veterinary practice, you will receive a 10% discount on the Complete Care Health Plan.

The Vets4Pets Complete Care Health Plans makes essential routine treatments more affordable. The plans can help you save money on health check-ups, flea and worm treatments, and annual vaccinations. Participating surgeries will even send you handy reminders, so you don’t need to remember when your furry friend’s next treatment is due.

You can use your Supercard Black to access Complete Care Health Plans, which are tailored to dog or puppy, cat or kitten, and rabbit. Whether your pet needs a microchip, neutering, dental procedures, in-house lab work, blood tests, or a consult, Supercard and Vets4Pets will help you save. To take advantage of this offer, visit the Show My Card Offers page, enter your postcode, and discover the closest participating Vets4Pets surgery.


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