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Companion Care Pet Health Plan discount with Supercard Black

Are cats better pets than dogs, or are dogs really man’s best friend? No matter which side you stand on, we know that a special bond exists between you and your pet. Whether they are curled up on your lap, playing with almost boundless energy, begging for a treat, or trekking in the great outdoors, there is a bond and love that can’t be broken.

However, just like us humans, health and preventing illness is crucial, and prevention is always cheaper and easier than responding to a healthcare emergency. Unfortunately, veterinary expenses can mount up, so there is a real need for pet health plans to keep costs down, and you can make an even more significant saving by leveraging your Supercard Black membership. 

You can now sign up for the Companion Care Pet Health Plan with a 10% discount, using Supercard’s Show My Card Offers. Just show your physical or digital card to make a saving.

Companion Care Pet Health Plans: You can choose between Complete Care and Complete Care Senior, and the plans are priced according to the weight of your cat or dog. Complete Care includes annual vet consultation, vaccination, and year-round flea, worm, and tick prevention. 

You can also access discounts on six additional treatments from a portfolio that includes dental procedures, nurse consults, microchips, blood wellness tests, neutering, in-house laboratory work, and more. To find your nearest participating Companion Care Vets, visit the Show My Card Offers Supercard members page or head over to the Complete Care Health Plan page on Companion Care Vets.


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