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Beat The Winter Blues With Supercard

The winter months can undeniably be challenging to get through. Days are short, and for many people, the sky is dark when you leave for work and dark when you return home. Millions of people feel their positivity drain away, as grey skies, high winds, and cold weather cause feelings many people describe as the winter blues.

Whether your symptoms are mild but annoying or severe and recognised as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), you can alleviate these low feelings with a SAD light therapy lamp. These lamps mimic natural light and help wash away winter depression from the comfort of your home or office.

But wait, is the SAD light therapy lamp expensive?

Daylight therapy is pretty affordable, and you can leverage your Supercard Black membership to bring down the SAD lamp price further. 

So, how much does a light therapy lamp cost, what discount can I get, and where can I buy one?

Light therapy lamps typically cost between £70 and £130. If you buy from Argos, your Supercard membership gives you a 6% discount on the purchase price.

Using your discount is straightforward. Click here to redeem your Argos discount and purchase a gift card to the value you need. You then use this gift card during checkout to get hold of a lamp, with a nice discount.

Any remaining balance from the gift card can be spent later, so you can make use of every single penny as you say goodbye to the winter doldrums.

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